How to Learn English

hello Pharmacy friend, this is my second post on my blog ..
come on now who likes english ??? surely many like it yaa..hehehe
friends ,because learning English is not only at schoollearning English is actually easy,it turns out we can learn through

1.Learn English Through Humor
Humor is a thing that can make people happy. Surely everyone likes this humor. In addition, learning English through humor is also a very fun way. You will not feel that you are learning when using this method

2. Through Music
The next method is more familiar than the first method. Using the music or song method is a fun way to learn English. Besides being able to enrich your English vocabulary, you can also look cool because you are always updated with the latest music.

3. Watch an English language film
when you watch your favorite movie yourself, you can play back the film as you wish. This is normal when you are still in the learning phase, because there will definitely be a lot of new vocabulary that is still familiar to you. An easy, inexpensive, and fun solution for learning English isn’t it.

ok friend, so learning English is fun, and basically if we understand and understand then the lesson will go well

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